About Me

I’m Hailee, nice to meet you! I’m a software developer with a passion for using technology to build bridges and positive experiences. In my day job, I’m happiest when my work aligns with understanding and building a great user experience. Outside of work, I like to cultivate community spaces and enable others to learn about technology. I think that technology is a powerful and essential tool in our world, and helping to make sure that others can use and even build software is something I find vitally important. Similarly, I’m always on the lookout for ways technology can serve our communities!

My programming origin story began on websites like GeoCities and Neopets through designing fan shrines and pet pages. The element of creativity and the connection with my existing interests drove me to gobble up all the web design knowledge I could find, and led me all the way into a career as a professional software developer. Although I’m not creating anime fan shrines anymore, I still try to keep that same passion for both learning and building something that I’m proud of.

When I’m not doing software stuff, I like to find new ways to enjoy the outdoors, play video games, and pretend to be a photographer. I’m also a proud plant and cat mom.