About Me

My adventures in programming first started when I was a preteen on a website you may have heard of called Neopets. Making custom web pages for all my virtual pets drove me to teach myself HTML, CSS, digital artwork, animation, and all sorts of other things to make the coolest and most unique sites I could. It was then that I first realized that programming combined my love of computers and technology with creativity and the ability to express myself and share the things I loved with others. However when my interests inevitably changed and I left Neopets behind, I quickly forgot how much fun I’d had creating those websites.

Fast forward to my Sophomore year of college, when my major was undeclared and I was overwhelmed by all my options. There were few things that didn’t interest me, and it felt impossible to commit. However, when I took Introduction to Computer Science, I was instantly reminded of the fun I’d had creating those pet pages years ago, and I knew it was what I wanted to do. To me, computer science and engineering combined my love for science with my desire to creatively build things. Plus, as a longtime lover of video games and science fiction, I felt studying technology would bring me closer to the things I loved, both real and fictional.

I was originally drawn to my first job at Puppet because of my interest in open source. While there, through working on open source projects and getting to know the Puppet community, I grew to appreciate what can be accomplished through collaboration, and began working to enable others to achieve their goals with programming.

Besides software, I spend most of my free time playing video games and talking about them on the internet. Beyond that, like any good born and raised Oregonian, I love hiking, biking, and the outdoors. I’m also a sucker for cats, plants, or anything cute.