Speaking Engagements

I’ve given many talks over the last several years on a few different subjects. If you think that I may be a good fit for speaking at your event please feel free to shoot me an email at hailee.kenney@gmail.com!

SeaGL | 2019

Empowering New Programmers Through Introductory Arduino Workshops

Using my few years of experience organizing entry level programming workshops, I put together a talk full of advice on how to create a safe space for new programmers to have a positive introduction to programming. Through comparing and contrasting two different workshops I had helped organize, I emphasized how the focus should be on making sure attendees leave feeling positive, empowered and confident over making sure they leave with the maximum amount of new knowledge. I also provided tips and tools for how someone might put on their own similar workshop.

Faces of Agile: Portland Ignite Agile Event | 2019

Agile Principles in Event Organizing

This event brought together a wide range of people from the Portland community, from small business owners to improv comedians, to examine how principles of Agile Software Development are used outside of the technology sphere. I gave an Ignite style talk about how employing Agile principles as an organizer of Django Girls PDX has helped me improve the quality and accessibility of our workshops.

Open Source Bridge | 2016

Enabling Open Source Contributors at Puppet

At Open Source Bridge 2016 I teamed up with my coworker Morgan to give a talk about our experience as open source maintainers at Puppet. We talked about what we had done at Puppet in our respective roles to make sure that we were enabling and supporting our community to contribute, and the processes we had developed internally to help keep track of everything. We also discussed maintainer burnout, working with difficult contributors, and helping to maintain a good relationship between maintainers and community members.

PDX Women in Tech Holiday Party | 2015

Raising Your Voice: Finding Confidence Through Public Speaking

In 2015 I was given the opportunity to speak alongside three other women at Puppet about my personal experiences as a woman in tech. The theme of the talks was “raising your voice”, so I chose to talk about my experiences gaining confidence through conquering my fear of public speaking. I discussed how challenging myself through public speaking helped me grow confidence in other realms of my professional life, and how it helped me realize that in a world of very tangible obstacles, I didn’t want to be the one holding myself back.

Portland Puppet User Group | February 2015

Puppet Strings

As the primary engineer leading and working on Puppet Strings, a new automated documentation tool, I gave a brief presentation at the Portland Puppet User Group to help introduce it to the community. I gave an overview of what Puppet Strings was, how it was built, why we were replacing our previous tool, and the roadmap for Puppet Strings going forward.

PuppetConf Contributor’s Summit | 2015

How to Contribute for Beginners

To kick off the 2015 PuppetConf Contributor’s Summit, I worked with a fellow engineer to give a quick crash course on how to contribute to Puppet’s many open source projects. The goal was to get attendees the basic tools they needed to kick off a day of open source collaboration.

PuppetConf | 2013

So You Want to Contribute to Puppet? A Getting Started Guide

After spending a summer working on open source community engagement, I teamed up with my coworker Ruth to give a talk similar to one we had given at PuppetConf 2012. We walked attendees through the steps of making open source contributions to codebases maintained by Puppet and the wider community, aiming to help everyone leave with the tools they needed to get started and knowledge about what to expect from the contribution process.

PuppetConf | 2012

Getting Started Contributing to Puppet and Facter

After my first internship, I teamed up with two other interns to give a beginner’s overview of how to become an open source contributor to two of the larger Puppet codebases. The talk was aimed at members of the Puppet open source community who wanted to get started with code contributions. The three of us walked through the step by step process of finding an issue, submitting a patch, going through review, and finally having your contribution merged.